Petpooja Journey

Starting out in 2011, in the first avatar, Petpooja was a food delivery platform for Corporates. Think Zomato or Swiggy, but for bulk corporate orders. With this business model, we achieved a respectable mark in 2 years: serving over 200 corporates by partnering with 25000+ restaurants in India & 300+ Restaurants in United Arab Emirates.

But, in the process, we realized that because of the lack of appropriate technology, there were tremendous operational inefficiencies, and the restaurant processes were not scalable. A close look at these restaurants’ daily struggles led us to make Petpooja in its current avatar- a coherent Restaurant Management software.

Our Industry

Fine Dine Restaurants
Food-Courts & Canteens
Cloud Kitchens
Ice-Cream & Dessert shops
Bar & Brewery
Night Clubs
Pizzeria or Pizza shop
Large Chains

Our POS Contains

  • Billing
  • Inventory
  • Reporting
  • Menu
  • CRM
  • Online Ordering


  • Billing
  • Captain App
  • Kitchen DIsplay System (KDS)
  • Personal Website + Online Ordering
  • Loyalty Program
  • Virtual Wallet
  • Online Order Reconciliation
  • Tally
  • Feedback App
  • Token Management system

Our Modules Explanations Are:

1.Captain App (Waiter Ordering App)
-Capture Customer Orders on Your Phone or Tablet

-Collect Customer Feedback on Tablet or SMS

-Engage Your Customers Via SMS

4.Loyalty Wallet
-Run a Loyalty Program to ensure Repeat Customers

-Allow Your Customers to Order Directly.

6.Token Management
-Manage Aggregator Pickups with ease

7.KDS (Kitchen Display System)
-Digitize Your Kitchen, No More Paper KOT’s

8.Online Order Reconciliation
-Know the Real Cost of Operating on Aggregators

-Reduce long waiting lines to place an order

10.Waiter Calling System
-Redefine the meaning of Table Service

-Restaurant Data Analyzed the way you want!

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