Restaurant Management Platform

Petpooja is not merely a service provider, instead, we believe in delivering a product that ensures coherent and sustainable solutions for our restaurant partners.

Our product philosophy primarily relies on 4 pillars:

  • Pricing
  • Simplicity
  • Innovation
  • Support

We are a strong believer in the downward trajectory of technology pricing. As outlined in our mission statement, Petpooja POS was created to cater to every niche of restaurant and considering all the economic factors of restaurants, ranging from large national chains to small stand-alone restaurants or shops.

Petpooja POS is offered at the most affordable price, irrespective of the region or customer size. Our competitive pricing has set a benchmark in the Indian restaurant-tech industry and is also applauded by the customers for not burning a hole in their pockets.


Most SaaS tools tout their fancy user interfaces, but their user experience falls short of what the user actually needs. Our tools strike the perfect balance, by being simple enough for basic users, yet extremely comprehensive for power users.

Our POS is optimised for both, the ones who enter the data i.e. biller, staff, manager, and also for the one who analyses it, the restaurant owner.

Our Petpooja Insights module goes a step further, allowing you to customize and visualise your restaurant’s important data the way you want to!


The major force behind our success has always been constant research & innovation. Petpooja stands out from other players in the industry, by coming up with unique features that make restaurant management appear like a cakewalk.

R&D division is always on the lookout for inefficiencies in the operations of a restaurant, and seeks automation to reduce repetitive tasks. Check out our innovative products and features at Petpooja Labs.


In the restaurant industry, customer service and satisfaction are the highest virtues to live by. And as we serve the restaurant industry, we carry the same ideologies in our products and services too.

Our 24x7 customer support, prompt on-ground assistance, live demo calls, constant feedback mechanisms, and a huge customer-driven community, all ensure an unparalleled customer experience for our restaurant partners.

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